HK student opens yellow umbrella at graduation, is refused diploma

When a student in Hong Kong stopped on stage to open a yellow umbrella during his graduation ceremony, the vice-chancellor of Hong Kong Baptist University refused to hand over his diploma scroll.

According to Sina News via Shanghaiist, the vice-chancellor then shut down the entire ceremony on Saturday morning (Nov 15).

When the vice-chacellor left the student hanging due to his refusal to give his certificate, many other students in the audience then decided to open yellow umbrellas of their own.

Infuriated, the vice-chancellor then lectured the students on the need to be dignified and postponed the ceremony until the next morning on Sunday

However, the students unsurprisingly didn't just throw away their principles overnight, so Sunday's graduation ceremony went the same way, with the vice-chancellor again refusing to hand over their diplomas.

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