HK woman dies after being hit by bus tyre

HONG KONG - In a freak accident, a woman died after she was hit by a runaway wheel from a moving minibus on Monday.

Lam Sau Wah was waiting at a bus stop outside an office building in Kwun Tong Road at about 9.45am, when the wheel of the minibus travelling on the other side of the road came off, the South China Morning Post reported yesterday.

The driver had trouble steering and was attempting to stop the packed 16-seat vehicle when the front left wheel was dislodged and flew across the road, striking the 44-year-old cooking instructor on her head.

According to a report yesterday by Hong Kong newspaper The Standard, none of the other 10 people at the bus stop was injured by the tyre, which weighed about 35kg and measured 75cm in diameter.

After losing its wheel, the minibus continued moving for 50m.

A minibus passenger told The Standard that paramedics and an ambulance arrived quickly, but Ms Lam - who seemed responsive initially - lost consciousness.

She died soon after in hospital from extensive head injuries.

Ms Lam's husband and three daughters rushed to the hospital when they knew about the accident. Her husband said that it was "an unfortunate tragedy" and did not blame the minibus driver.

A police source told the South China Morning Post: "It all happened so fast that the woman was unable to get out of the way."

The source added that metal fatigue on the tyre rim caused the dislodging of the wheel from the 10-year-old vehicle.

The 42-year-old minibus driver was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving causing death.

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