Homes in Indonesia washed away in flooding

File photo of flooding in Indonesia, caused by torrential rain.

JAKARTA - River water from Bogor and heavy rain have caused the Cisadane River to overflow and the riverbanks in Karawaci and Neglasari districts in Tangerang to collapse, leading to flooding and damaged homes.

Two houses located near the Tirtayasa Bridge on Jl. Imam Bonjol in Karawaci were washed away. Four families had occupied the homes.

"The land was unstable due to the river's strong current. They [the four families] had to leave the place as it was dangerous," Tangerang Deputy Mayor Sachrudin said when inspecting the location.

Disaster Mitigation and Fire Office chief Teteng Jumara said that spillover from the river had also inundated eight other districts in Tangerang, namely Teluknaga, Tigaraksa, Pagedangan, Kelapa Dua, Cikupa, Rajeg, Pasar Kemis and Kresek. The floodwater ranged from one to one-and-a-half meters in depth, he added.

He said the office had established flood posts and public kitchens in several flooded areas and had distributed food for flood victims.

Residences in Tangerang city, including Mutiara Pluit, Periuk Damai, Pondok Arum and Total Persada, were also inundated by 2-meter deep floodwater.