Housewife found guilty of assaulting neighbour over garbage

JAKARTA - Yayan Nurhayati, 43, a resident of Duren Sawit in East Jakarta who assaulted her neighbour Yusninan in a dispute over garbage, has been sentenced by the East Jakarta District Court to four months' imprisonment suspended for eight months.

Petriyanti, who presided over the panel of judges trying the case, said during the court session on Thursday that the defendant had been conclusively found guilty of using violence against the victim.

The sentence was two months lighter than that sought by prosecutors.

"The panel of judges has decided that provided she does not commit a similar offence in the next eight months she will not go to jail," Petriyanti said as quoted by

She said the defendant was given a suspended sentence because she had children to take care of and because she had apologised to the victim.

Regarding the court's verdict, both Yayan and the prosecutor said they would decide within seven days whether to appeal to a higher court.

Yayan was arrested after Yusninan reported her to the police for disposing of garbage in the yard of her house on Dec. 30, 2013. The two became embroiled in an argument and Yusninan accused Yayan of beating her.