Housing minister wants to oust crooks from Sri Lanka govt

PHOTO: Wikipedia

Housing and Construction Minister Sajith Premadasa has said that neither he nor like-minded government MPs would save anyone found guilty of frauds or corruption and they resign from their posts if they are forced to protect crooks.

"None of those in the Yahapalana government will endorse fraud or corruption. If anyone tells us to do so we will leave all our portfolios and resign from our posts to take to the streets with people.

This is not only my opinion in this regard but also the standpoint of the President, the Prime Minister and the Yahapalana government," said Minister Premadada, addressing a ceremony at Siyambalanduwa in Moneragala to commission the 35th Udagama named as Manabharanagama on Saturday (5).

The Minister said: "The most common topic these days is corruption. We should turn back and see the immediate past to find out why people voted for the yahapalana government. They voted us to end corruption.

People voted us in to chase out thieves and fraudsters. Our main pledge to people was to put an end to corruption and fraud.

We are not here to repeat what the previous government did. The President and the Prime Minister always ask us not to forget the past."