How CNY is celebrated around the world

ASIA - As Chinese New Year approaches, Chinese people from around the world are busy with last-minute preparations.

Most people are preoccupied with preparing their homes for visits from family and friends while those who live away from home make their yearly long treks back to celebrate the occasion.

The Beijing Aquarium has come up with a novel way to enliven old traditions. At the aquarium, divers perform an underwater dragon dance to usher in the new year among the rich aquatic life.

In Singapore, people rub elbows in the crowded and lively Chinatown market to do their shopping and bask in the festive spirit.

The Vietnamese also partake in festivities in Hanoi as a young woman wearing a traditional Chinese dress is photographed strolling along a peach blossom field.

Take a look at the Reuters-compiled gallery to see how people prepare to celebrate Chinese New Year around the world.