Husband slaps and kicks wife after getting caught with girlfriend

PHOTO: Facebook video screengrabs

A wife caught her husband red-handed with his girlfriend at Goa International Airport in India, but the confrontation took a shocking turn.

A video of the incident was uploaded on Facebook by user Nash Aujla on Aug 26 and has since been viewed over 669,000 times.

The clip shows the loud argument between the couple while the girlfriend, who is seated, watches them.

The wife tries to drag her husband away, but he refuses to budge. More heated words are exchanged.

At one point, the wife starts mock-applauding the girlfriend, who is still seated, before trying to slap the other woman.

But what the husband does next is shocking. He violently attacks his wife in defense of his girlfriend, slapping her and kicking her to the ground.

Other bystanders then step in to prevent the fight from escalating further, but the wife continues to rant loudly at her husband and his mistress.


Today at goa airport ....sitting is her husbands girl friend..... he lied to his wife and said he is going to goa fir n meeting his wife douted him and took another flight to goa and than this is what happens on the goa airport

Posted by Nash Aujla on Wednesday, August 26, 2015

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