I only left palace, not my home: Ex-Nepal king

PHOTO: Reuters

Former King Gyanendra Shah has said that he hasn't left his home though he abandoned the palace.

In a press statement issued on occasion of Prithvi Jayanti on Sunday, the deposed monarch said he handed over the people's property to them abandoned the palace by handing over the people's property back for national interests, people's happiness and prosperity.

"But the thing everyone should not forget is that I haven't left my Nepali home, and have not given up the responsibility of Nepal and Nepali people," read the former King's statement.

He remarked that people are at the receiving end of contentions regarding the issue of governance and administration. "The need of the hour now is what kind of responsibility, role and trust do Nepali people want from whom," said Shah in the statement.

Stating that Nepali people are toiling hard to make two-meal a day, Shah said it was a matter of serious concerns.

"Ordinary Nepali people have been forced to suffer the economic crisis, extreme price rise, and unproductiveness due to disturbance in mutual harmony, and the foreign dependence has added to the woes," he added in the statement.