Idul Fitri traffic accidents in Indonesia claim 628 lives: Police

Traffic accidents nationwide during the Idul Fitri exodus have claimed 628 fatalities, the police said on Saturday.

"As many as 2,985 traffic accidents took place, claiming 628 lives, seriously injuring 1,028 people and leaving 3,808 others with minor injuries," National Police spokesperson Sr. Comr, Agus Rianto said.

The police launched 'Operation Ketupat', the holiday safety operation, on July 10, seven days before the Idul Fitri celebrations. It lasted until Saturday, seven days after the holiday.

The number of traffic accidents declined 4 per cent from the same period last year. In addition, fatalities decreased 8 per cent and the number of people who suffered minor injuries declined by 3 per cent.

Onthe seven days following Idul Fitri alone, there were 97 recorded traffic accidents, in which 16 were killed, 26 sustained serious injuries and 86 received minor injuries, Antara news agency reported.

During the 16-day operation 82,538 police personnel were deployed over 3,030 security posts and 1,083 public service posts.

Additionally, 12,761 military personnel and 50,377 personnel from other institutions were deployed.