If I die, use this photo at funeral

Taiwanese tourist Lin Ya-ruo, 31, had cycled from Alice Springs to Uluru in the Australian outback last year.

The registered nurse and avid cyclist had also cycled solo around Taiwan.

So before embarking on her latest cycling expedition through the Australian desert, she posted a message on social media advising others what to do in the event of her death.

A few days later, she was hit by a tour bus and killed south of Alice Springs, the ntnews.com.au news site reported.

She made her last public status update on Facebook on Oct 19, just eight days before she died.

Ms Lin wrote: "Before I go cycling solo through the desert in Australia, I would like to share this photo which was taken in 2009 by FHM magazine. In case I die in the desert, you guys can use this photo for my funeral."

A police investigator said the tour bus did not have its high beams on because a vehicle was coming the other way.

Police said they are still trying to establish if the woman had a rear light on her bicycle.


Detective Sergeant Mick Schumacher said the woman was wearing dark clothing.

He said: "She certainly had an appropriate headlight but it would be great to send a message regarding a red rear flashing light, which should be on any of these bikes that are undertaking any riding at night."

The police said they believe that the coach had its low beam on because there was an oncoming vehicle.

Said Sgt Schumacher: "We have obtained statements from the vehicle that was heading west, as well as from several witnesses inside the coach."

Posting on Facebook, Ms Lin wrote: "Carrying 11,750ml water, lots of food, camping mat, sleeping bag and tent, going to hit the road in oz desert! Today I have to ride for 100km where camping site is.

"Otherwise, I have to set up the tent by the road. I will lose phone reception for the next following days. Good luck to me!"

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