Imperial wedding of Princess Mako and Kei Komuro to be postponed


The planned wedding ceremony of Princess Mako and Kei Komuro, both 26, will be postponed, the Imperial Household Agency announced Tuesday.

The two released a document explaining their feelings in which they said there is not much time left to prepare for their planned wedding ceremony and life after marriage. They are said to have made the decision on their own.

Princess Mako is the first daughter of Prince Akishino.

Komuro is a former university classmate of the princess and works at a legal office.

Japan's Princess Mako to be engaged to university classmate

  • The 25-year-old eldest daughter of Prince Akishino and his wife, Kiko, and the first grandchild of the Emperor and Empress, Princess Mako is engaged to Kei Komuro, 25, a former fellow student at the International Christian University.
  • his will be the first engagement in 12 years of a naishinno princess - a daughter or granddaughter of the Emperor - since the engagement of the Emperor and Empress' daughter, Sayako Kuroda. It will also be the first time a female Imperial family member has become engaged in three years, since the wedding of Noriko Senge, the second daughter of the late Prince Takamado.
  • Following the announcement of the unofficial engagement, there will be a traditional rite of betrothal called Nosai no Gi, the equivalent of the ceremony traditionally held to exchange betrothal gifts among the general public.
  • This will be followed by other ceremonies held shortly before the wedding ceremony, including a ceremony in which Princess Mako and Komuro's marriage is reported to the Imperial ancestors and gods at three palaces within the Imperial Palace grounds, and Choken no Gi, in which the princess will bid farewell to the Emperor and Empress.
  • The princess was born in October 1991, making her the first grandchild of the Emperor and Empress. After entering Gakushuin Primary School in 1998, she went on to Gakushuin Girls' Junior and Senior High School. In 2010, she enrolled at the ICU College of Liberal Arts, where she majored in art and cultural heritage.
  • She studied at the University of Edinburgh in 2012, and after her graduation from ICU in 2014 participated in the University of Leicester's postgraduate programme to study museology for about a year. She is now an affiliate researcher at the University Museum of the University of Tokyo.
  • Her prospective fiance, Kei Komuro, is studying business law at Hitotsubashi University's graduate school while also working at a law firm in Tokyo.
  • Japan's Princess Mako (left) and Princess Kako, daughters of Prince Akishino and his wife Princess Kiko appear before well-wishers as they celebrate Emperor Akihito's 83rd birthday at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan, December 23, 2016.
  • Japan's Prince Akishino (right), his wife Princess Kiko (second right) and their daughters Princess Mako (second left) and Princess Kako send off Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko boarding a special flight for their visit to Vietnam and Thailand, at Haneda Airport in Tokyo, Japan February 28, 2017.