Imported car sales up, luxury brands soar in Taiwan

A Mercedes Benz C class model flanks other cars in the company's lineup while on display.

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Even in the land of accessible public transit, scooters and a successful city-wide bike-share system in Taipei, Taiwan consumers have increased their appetite for imported cars, a recent report said.

In 2014, there were 423,000 new car purchases made in Taiwan. Of the total number, 19,309 were Mercedes-Benz.

The 15-per cent increase in Mercedes-Benz automobile purchases resulted in record sales for the company in Taiwan last year.

Other luxury car brands, including BMW and Lexus, also saw increases in their sales last year.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the hunger for imported cars is greater than for domestic cars, showing that Taiwanese customers are demanding quality and superior functionality when it comes to choosing the right car for their lifestyle.

New Releases from Sub-brand

Moving forward, Mercedes-Benz hopes to capture more of the market with its plan to release 13 new cars, the most new releases in the past few years.

As Mercedes-Benz becomes Taiwan's car of choice, the company estimates that it will become the first brand of imported cars to break 20,000 purchases in the next year.

After being the luxury car brand of choice for the past six consecutive years, Eckart Mayer, president and chief executive officer of Mercedes-Benz, said that Mercedes will be introducing several new lines of cars from their sub-brands.

Mayer said that Mercedes hopes to create a new image of luxury living for its customers.

Mercedes-Benz's success can be attributed to the expansion of its line of vehicles, said Mayer.

Mayer said that while focusing on opening a market for the younger generation, Mercedes-Benz simultaneously caters to the needs of their established and returning customers.

Recently introduced lines of compact cars, including the A, B, CLA and GLA-Class aid Mercedes-Benz in attracting a new spectrum of customers, said Mayer.