Indian billionaire's kid takes on menial jobs while in disguise

The second son of an Indian billionaire in Gujarat continued a family tradition by anonymously taking up various menial jobs, including as a labourer and factory worker for a month, Tamil Nesan reported.

The Dholakia family owns several businesses including diamond exporting company Hare Krishna Exports and other businesses valued at over RM4bil.

The family is well known for giving generous bonuses to its employees, including flats, cars, and jewellery worth tens of millions of ringgit.

Following in the footsteps of his elder brother who worked odd jobs in Hyderabad during a break from his MBA studies in the US, the younger Dholakia, Hidarth spent a month in Kochi, claiming to be from a farming family.

He reportedly worked in a printing shop, a shoe factory, and several other odd jobs while staying with different people including factory workers, rickshaw drivers, and at one point, a mystic.

The family follows this practice so that the children will understand the struggles of the less fortunate and the value of jobs.