Indian minister arms brides with bats to beat drunk hubbies

PHOTO: Video Screengrab

A minister in Madhya Pradesh, India, distributed wooden cricket bats to 700 newlywed women to beat their husband with if they came home drunk, Tamil Nesan reported.

Gopal Bhargava has been a big supporter of the alcohol ban introduced in several states and a recent ban on bars near highways.

The Social Justice Minister reportedly felt he needed to do something extra to discourage alcoholism and had been in discussions with friends and welfare groups on how best to tackle the issue.

Apparently coming to the conclusion that empowering housewives to rein in their wayward husbands is the way forward, he gave mini cric­ket bats to the women who got married in a recent mass wedding ceremony.

The minister, who spoke of the violence committed by drunk husbands against their wives, called on the women to respond to their drunk husbands with the bat.

This was met with cheers and laughter from the wedding guests.

The minister said he intends to distribute 10,000 such wedding gifts in future.

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