Indian recruiter blows cover on social media

NEW DELHI - An employee of the state-run Indian Oil Corp. (IOC) has been arrested by Rajastan state's Anti-terrorism Squad (ATS) for allegedly trying to recruit young Muslims to the terror group Islamic State (IS).

Mohammed Sirajuddin, an IOC marketing manager, is accused of promoting IS ideology on the Internet, grooming young boys and girls for induction, and other seditious activities.

According to Alok Tripathi, a senior police officer with the ATS and the Special Operation Group, Sirajuddin is a native of the southern state of Karnataka and is employed by IOC in Jaipur, the Rajasthani capital.

Tripathi said, Sirajuddin was active on social media using Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and other forums to spread IS ideology, and had several issues of Dabiq, the terrorist organisation's monthly online magazine.

Sirajuddin formed a number of social network groups where he posted messages, photos and videos for IS recruitment, according to a police statement. Police are now looking for possible links to other members of the organisation, Indian and foreign.

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