Indonesia Minister challenges Zuckerberg to paddle race for Facebook shares

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti paddleboards on Lake Sunter, North Jakarta, last year, during a race against Sandiaga Uno, Jakarta deputy governor at the time.
PHOTO: The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network

Maritime Affairs and Fisheries Minister Susi Pudjiastuti has dropped an unexpected comment on Mark Zuckerberg's Instagram account, challenging the Facebook CEO to compete in a paddle race for 10 per cent of the social media giant's shares.

Susi wrote the post in a comment under a recent Instagram photo of Zuckerberg paddling across Lake Tahoe in the United States. The photo, which was published on Monday, has the caption "Tahoe sunset".

"I love paddling, too. Would love to challenge you to a paddle race and win 10 per cent of Facebook, which I would sell and use the money to buy big patrol vessels to protect Indonesian waters from unregulated fishing vessels. I would also use the money to buy thousands of new fishing boats for Indonesian fishermen, so they will be able to fish better," Susi wrote in her comment.

Her surprising comment on the Facebook head's Instagram post has garnered more than 30,000 likes and 3,000 replies from netizens.

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Tahoe sunset

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"Of course, I will sell [the shares] back to you," Susi wrote in a separate comment on the same thread.

Neither Facebook nor Zuckerberg officially responded to the minister's challenge. However, many netizens have pushed Zuckerberg to reply to Susi's comment.

Earlier this month, Susi claimed that the ministry had driven some 10,000 fishing boats away from Indonesian waters through her tough policy of sinking vessels used illegally in the archipelago.

She said the foreign fishing vessels, most of which were larger than those typically owned by Indonesian fishermen and were equipped with more sophisticated fishing tools, had overexploited Indonesia's maritime resources.

Other than being well-known for her staunch and resolute attitude, Susi is also famous for her paddling skills.

Last year, she competed against Sandiaga Uno - the Jakarta deputy governor at the time - in a race across Lake Sunter in North Jakarta.

The race stemmed from her quip during a visit to Lake Leman, also known as Lake Geneva, in November, in which she said lakes in Jakarta, such as Lake Sunter, if properly managed, could be as beautiful as Lake Geneva.

Sandiaga took this as a challenge and promised to clean up the lake, so that the two of them could have a race across it.

Susi, who was paddleboarding, outraced Sandiaga, who swam across the lake.

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