Indonesia plans blitz on illegal firearms

JAKARTA - Indonesia's National Police will crack down on illegal possession of firearms, following a series of shootings at police officers and prison guards.

National Police deputy chief Oegroseno said on Tuesday that those possessing illegal firearms face strict law enforcement.

"We will intensify our precautionary measures. Those who are fooling around with firearms will face legal proceedings," Mr Oegroseno told reporters at National Police headquarters.

He admitted that the authorities had not been vigilant enough in dealing with the spike in cases of armed violence.

"(The public) needs to understand that some crimes always happen one step ahead of us. We have taken a number of measures to prevent them. It doesn't mean that we just sit and wait until a crime happens. Sometimes we are just not fast enough," he said. "We are more vigilant now," he added.

There were 15 reported shootings across Indonesia last month and this month, with at least two fatalities.