Indonesia, Turkey-based fraud ring busted

TAIPEI - An ad hoc investigation panel headed by the Criminal Investigation Bureau (CIB) busted a cross-strait telecom fraud ring, nabbing 12 suspects involved in an elaborate fraud scheme.

In a released statement, the CIB said that the investigation panel arrested these suspects from Taipei and Changhua and Chiayi during three separate raids conducted on Aug. 29, Aug. 30 and Sep. 17.

The case is now being referred to the Taichung District Prosecutors Office for further investigation, the CIB said.

According to the CIB, these suspects confessed that they had rented two apartments in Indonesia and Turkey to serve as overseas hubs for their telephone fraud scheme.

These suspects worked as telephone operators and would call or send text messages to potential victims in China.

The callers tricked their victims by claiming to be Chinese prosecutors and police authorities. They would trick victims into installing a trojan virus in their computers before hacking into their bank accounts, the CIB said.

According to preliminary investigations, one Taiwanese businessman in China had been conned out of more than NT$12.3 million from July and August this year.