Indonesian father changes name for sake of embarrassed son

PHOTO: YouTube/Hari-Hari News

A noodle seller in Tangerang, Indonesia, has officially changed his name to Ihsan Hadi, as his seven-year old son was embarrassed by his father’s previous name, Kentut, which translates to “Fart”. 

Ihsan said his son often refused to go to school, because his friends frequently teased him about his father's unusual name.

Ihsan went on to say that his parents – for no clear reason – had decided to name him Kentut when he was born in Solo, Central Java, in 1988.

He added that he had been willing to change his name since he was a child, but no one in his village knew the legal procedure.

"I wanted to change my name since I was six years old. However, nobody in my village in Solo knew about the procedures, so I had to live with the name for years," Ihsan said on Wednesday, as quoted by

Ihsan, who has lived in Tangerang for the past ten years with his wife and three children, filed the request with the Tangerang District Court on Monday. 

The court has granted his request and is set to issue a letter with the official decision next Monday.