Indonesian hospital fires rallying doctors

JAKARTA - The municipal administration has issued sanctions against dozens of medical doctors of the city-owned South Tangerang Hospital for reportedly missing work to hold a demonstration to protest a procedure in the healthcare programme.

South Tangerang Health Agency head Dadang M. Ephid said almost half of the hospital's doctors attended the protest at the Serpong Science and Technology Development Center (Puspitek) in Serpong, where Deputy Mayor Benyamin Davnie was attending a seminar on Friday.

"We have put in halt to the contracts of five doctors and first warning letters to other doctors," he said on Monday, adding the sanctions were in accordance with the regulations of employment at the hospital.

"The doctors should prioritize public service over their own interests. For the meantime, we are not looking for replacements."

According to Dadang, the hospital has 25 specialists, 31 general doctors and two dentists.

The doctors were protesting the administration's long winded procedures in providing free healthcare for poor patients and the presence of doctors from foreign countries at the hospital.