Indonesian police called in as cafe slammed for dirty words

A group of psychologists has lambasted a restaurant in Yogyakarta for using sexual terms on its menu, accusing the eatery of violating the Pornography Law.

The Sleman regency Communication Forum of Community Health Clinic Psychologists (FKPPS) has called on the Kedai 24 Jam cafe to replace its menu's terminology.

"The role of the government and the community is very important for the prevention of violations against the law," Tri Novita Herdalena of the FKPPS told The Jakarta Post on Thursday.

The Kedai 24 Jam has three outlets in Yogyakarta. Several other restaurants also use suggestive terminology for the names of their food and drinks, including a large and famous eatery in the Kota Baru area of Yogyakarta.

Earlier, the FKPPS, using social media, called on the community to urge the owner of Kedai 24 Jam to replace terms on its menu regarded as vulgar and pornographic, such as "penis" in sPEsial Nasi sosIS, or sausage rice, onani (masturbation) in Omelet Nikmat Naikin Birahi, or lust-increasing omelette, and Souperma, a play on "sperm".

The setting of Kedai 24 Jam also resembles a brothel, with waiters and waitresses called PSK (Punggawa Sejati Kedai 24 Jam, although the acronym more commonly means Pekerja Seks Komersial or commercial sex worker) and the manager known as the mucikari, or pimp.

"A mediation was held between the FKPPS and Kedai 24 Jam on March 30 at the Sleman Police Women and Children Protection Unit, in which the owner said he was willing to replace the names of the food and drinks, as well as the interior of the restaurant, within two weeks," said Novita.

Sleman Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Faried Zulkarnaen confirmed the mediation and said the issue was resolved.

"If [the owner] refuses to replace the names, we plan to file a lawsuit against him under the Pornography Law," said Faried.

In the mediation, Kedai 24 Jam owner Arismanto said the FKPPS had accused his marketing strategy of being pornographic and likely to pollute the minds of customers, who are mostly teenagers.

"We will replace the names so that no one will be put at a disadvantage. For us, this is not a restriction of creativity. The incident will instead make us more mature and stronger," said Arismanto.

Yogyakarta chapter Indonesian Planned Parenthood Association (PKBI) director Gama Triono disagreed that the matter should be regarded as pornographic since playfully suggestive monikers given to food and drinks could not excite sexual desire.

"To me, there's doesn't seem to be any problem, but the public is easily led into a moral panic," said Gama.