Indonesian police readying for presidential elections

The National Police operational-assistance chief, Insp. Gen. Arif Wachyunadi, has said that they will start deploying personnel to polling stations on Saturday, the last day of the open campaign period.

"However, for difficult territories such as Papua, Aceh, and others, most have probably already been deployed," he said at the National Police headquarters on Friday, as reported by

Arif said that the timing of deployment depended on where the polling stations were. All police personnel must be at their stations by July 8 and stay there until July 9.

Afterward, the police will supervise the vote recapitulation process from the Subdistrict Polling Committee (PPS) level and eventually move up to secure the recounts at the Provincial General Elections Commission (KPUD) level.

"The police must secure ballot papers and boxes for 24 hours, until all the supporting materials are moved," he said.

Previously, National Police chief Gen. Sutarman said the police would deploy 254,088 personnel to provide security during the election and would receive assistance from more than 35,000 military personnel and 900,000 civilian community guards (Linmas).

Of that number, 30,000 will safeguard the capital before, during and after the election.