Indonesian president-elect Jokowi gets bomb threat

Jokowi was declared the winner of Indonesia's presidential election on Tuesday, bringing the promise of major reforms to the world's third largest democracy.

Acting Jakarta governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama said on Tuesday that City Hall received a bomb threat intended for non-active Jakarta governor and president-elect Joko "Jokowi" Widodo on July 19.

Ahok said Jokowi would be returning to his duties at City Hall after the presidential election results were finalized on Tuesday, according to

"There was a threat directed toward Jokowi because he will be returning to City Hall. That is why we are increasing the security [here]," he said at Jakarta's City Hall.

The threat had been sent by fax to the general bureau and was written in Indonesian. Ahok said that in the note, Jokowi was addressed as "The Javanese".

"[It said] be careful when you go home because we can bomb your office at City Hall," Ahok said.

In response, Ahok asked the police force to comb the City Hall building for bombs. Police personnel immediately searched 20 floors of the building on the evening of July 19.

Furthermore, Ahok asked for deactivated metal detectors located at the Block B and Block G buildings of City Hall to be turned back on by July 20. The detectors were to remain active until the presidential election results were finalised.

However, a City Hall security guard, Rohiman, said the metal detectors were still not functioning as of Tuesday and that guards had to personally search visitors.

"We are looking for detonators and knives," he said.

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