Indonesian president tells ministers to be transparent on 2014 budget

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has asked his ministers to utilize the media to explain the government's progress in drafting the 2014 state budget, in anticipation of suggestions that the country's macro economic situation will worsen next year.

"You need to first present as comprehensively as possible your institution's plan for the 2014 financial year and it must be in line with the government's grand design for the 2014 state budget. Second, you have to give explanations to the public during weekdays," the President told his ministers during a plenary Cabinet meeting at the State Palace in Jakarta on Monday.

"Some have expressed worries about the macro economic situation next year, such as the rupiah currency rate. I disagree with that. Our macro economy will not worsen. You don't have to panic and we can work on all the challenges together to secure our economy," the President added.