Indonesian teen and 71-year-old wife threaten suicide if families don't bless their marriage

PETALING JAYA - Newlywed couple Selamet Riayadi, 16, and his 71-year-old wife Rohaya threatened to kill themselves if their families do not bless their marriage, according to a report by Indonesian news portal Detik.

Village leader Kuswoyo said that the marriage took place at his home, after the couple approached him when Rohaya's family refused to give their consent to the wedding.

"Before Ramadan, the couple came to my house and said they wanted to get married. But they did not receive a blessing from the bride's family," he was quoted as saying.

Two days later, the couple returned to Kuswoyo, and told him that they were contemplating suicide if they were not able to resolve their problem, Detik reported.

"They are willing to commit suicide because they love each other to death - If one dies, then the other must also die," he said.

Kuswoyo said they finally managed to find a solution with the community here.

"They got married after a month, and Rohaya's brother was the wali nikah (guardian)," he said.

According to Kuswoyo, Rohaya's family had objected to the marriage due to the couple's wide age gap.

He said that there weren't any "economic factors" behind the marriage as both parties were equally poor.

A video of the couple's marriage ceremony held at Kuswoyo's home had also made its rounds on social media, causing a stir among netizens.