An Indonesian's account of the Paris attacks

Kenny Santana, an Indonesian blogger, was in Paris as the series of attacks rocked the French capital on Friday night.

Kenny, who was in Paris for an AirBnb event hosted by the world's largest accommodation provider, said that he became aware of the attacks after having dinner at the event.

"As I was going home from the AirBnb dinner, the restaurant doorman told me that there had been a shooting in Paris and [at least] 20 people were dead so me and the other Indonesian participants rushed back to our AirBnb [rooms]," he told via email.

But returning home was not an easy effort for Kenny as people and police swarmed the streets in the tense atmosphere following the attacks.

He said that a train station was blocked when he and his friends wanted to change trains and the taxis were all full.

"There were so many police and ambulance personnel on the streets and apparently one of the shootings happened on the street of where I was staying and the block was shut," he said.

A police officer then escorted him and his Indonesian friends back to their rooms safely.

"Now I have arrived in my room and hopefully the situation will be safe," he said.

Kenny, an avid traveler and blogger, also reported the incident through his twitter handle @kartupos, which has 67,000 followers.

French authorities said that at least 100 people had died in the string of attacks, which are believed to be the deadliest violence in France since World War II.