Indonesia's defence programme to include intelligence curriculum

The Defence Ministry is drafting a new curriculum for the state defence programme and has included intelligence technique as a main focus.

"Every participant is expected to learn about the collecting and reporting of information and study techniques for drafting reports as part of the common methods in intelligence programme," explained the Defence Ministry's head of training and education division, Maj. Gen. Hartin Asrin, on Friday, as quoted by

According to Asrin, the government has been educating programme participants on basic intelligence technique all along, but only indirectly.

"We plan to begin the formal programme, teaching the participants how to process information, particularly with regard to 5W 1H [what, where, when, who, why and how]," added Asrin.

The state defence curriculum will also include constitutional subjects such as nationality insights, security system and leadership. The latter, in particular, is designed to be adapted to the status level of the participant enrolled in the programme.

A final focus within the basics training programme was to be developed around localized content, adapted according to areas of education.