Indonesia's First Lady in row over Instagram photo

INDONESIA - First Lady Ani Yudhoyono became locked in a heated debate on Sunday with her followers on the popular photo and video-sharing social networking site, Instagram, over suspicion that she had doctored a photo posted over the weekend.

The photo at the centre of the debate was Ani's shot of a parade at the National Monument (Monas), which served as the background of an oversized figure of her granddaughter Almira Tunggadewi, also known as Aira.

Many were suspicious that the rough edges around Almira's hair may have been the result of photoshop touch-ups.

"Ma'am, this is not photoshopped, is it?" One of Ani's followers known by his Instagram handler @rivanlee said in his comment about the photo.

Other Instagram users also doubted the authenticity of the photo, prompting Ani to post comments defending the quality of her work.

"I cropped the photo, and if Aira looks huge, it is because I was standing close to her," Ani said.

The back and forth continued until Ani gave up and delivered her final message: "It hurts when I am accused of lying," she said.

Ani is also known as an avid photographer and has been active on Instagram and other social media platform.