Indonesia's House wants extradition treaty with S'pore

The House of Representatives brought up the issue of an extradition treaty with Singapore at the second general assembly of Southeast Asia Parliamentarians Against Corruption (SEAPAC) in Medan on Wednesday.

House Speaker Marzuki Ali said that such an extradition treaty was important for Indonesia because of the many corruption suspects who fled to Singapore not only in an attempt to escape justice but also to deposit their ill-gotten gains.

"We will push the subject of an extradition treaty with Singapore. This is important because we cannot extradite corruption suspects from Singapore as there is no legal umbrella," he said.

"Singapore wants the extradition treaty to be tied to a defence cooperation agreement (DCA) signed by both governments. The House rejects that agreement, however, because it is not favourable to Indonesia."

Marzuki, who is also the SEAPAC president, said that the House had rejected the DCA because Singapore wished to build a defence base in Sumatra. "The House views the clause as infringing the state's authority. The agreement must either be changed or separated [from the extradition proposal] because extradition and defence are two separate issues," he said.