Ingenious home-made inventions

CHINA - Some Chinese people have proven themselves incredibly ingenious and resourceful when they build home-made submarines, cars, planes and even a survival vessel.

Fuelled by passion and a vision, these inventors devote long hours of personal time, considerable amounts of money, as well as mechanic and electronic skills to craft their dream creations.

Most of these home-made inventions are made with recycled materials such as scrap metal and used vehicle parts.

A few individuals have tried their hand crafting their own planes, and have some success taking to the skies with their aerial inventions.

Several other seasoned mechanics have built cars and robots with special specifications, such as a towering size or unusual contours.

Some of these ventures have also turned into business opportunities, with companies looking in purchasing their inventions.

However, most of these home projects lack the technical finesse to work well in real-life conditions.

Regardless of the practicality of their creations, we should applaud their dedication and efforts to bringing their ideas to fruition.