iPhone 5C and 5S: Hands On

The worst kept Apple Secrets since the iPad Mini, have just landed and they are incredible. During Apple's Wednesday press conference in Beijing there was a moment for a hands-on test.

This new phone from the front looks exactly the same as the current one. However once it's turned over, it becomes clear that this isn't the iPhone 5. Replacing the all metal back with a near uni-body plastic casing the new iPhone 5C almost looks like a Window's phone.

Despite the plastic, the iPhone 5C has an incredible build quality and heft. The phone isn't too light and it's not too heavy. The plastic casing feels incredibly well made. Unlike some unnamed plastic phones, the back is sturdy and doesn't give when put under pressure.

The iPhone 5S will be new flagship model for the iPhone lineup with the new 5C becoming the lower end choice. The long-rumored iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S will be released in 8 countries on September 20. For the first time ever, China is included in the launch regions.

Video: Eric Jou & Cong Ruiting

Production manager: Andrew Xing

Producer: Flora Yue