Iron Man at Hong Kong disneyland

Move aside, Mickey and Donald. Tony Stark is powering up to battle against alien invaders in a new themed area based on the popular Marvel comic character Iron Man at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2016.

The Stark Expo sets up at Tomorrowland where guests get to see firsthand the progression of the Iron Man suits and other innovations. The anchor of the attraction is the Iron Man Experience, where guests will be able to "take flight" with Iron Man on an epic adventure.

This first-of-its-kind e-ticket attraction will include a storyline that takes place in the streets and skies of Hong Kong. There will be photo opportunities with Iron Man and a Marvel merchandise store as well.

Iron Man is one of some 7,000-plus characters that are part of the Marvel universe.

Over the last 70 years, Marvel has continued to be one of the most prominent characterbased entertainment brands. The Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment in 2009.

This article was published by the Special Projects Unit, Marketing Division, SPH.