Islet off East Java to host narcotics prison

National Narcotics Agency (BNN) chief Cmr. Gen. Budi Waseso said on Thursday that an islet off Madura in East Java would be the location for a special prison for drug convicts.

Budi said that the secluded island was an appropriate location for the special penitentiary for drug offenders.

"From the several islands that we surveyed, there is an island off Madura that is secluded from any kind of communications," he said as reported by

The island is a 10-hour away boat ride away from Sumenep district, Madura.

"We will also construct a moat surrounding the prison filled with wild beasts like crocodiles and piranhas," he said.

BNN is coordinating with the Legal and Human Rights Ministry on the construction of the 250-inmate capacity prison, which will also be used as an execution centre for drug convicts on death row.

Budi said earlier this month that he had proposed the crocodile-guarded penitentiary for drug convicts who had received serious sentences such as the death penalty, adding that the project was also in response to overcrowding in narcotics prisons nationwide.

Around 60 per cent of prison inmates in the country are drug convicts.

The special prison is also intended to prevent drug lords from continuing to run their businesses from inside the prison.

According to recent BNN data, there are 5.9 million drug users in Indonesia and 30 to 40 people who die from drug abuse every day.