It's good to be a Goat in the Year of the Horse

KUALA LUMPUR - Those born in the Year of the Goat can expect a problem-free year in 2014, said Prof Joe Choo.

"The Goats will be spending a lot of money in the first month of the Lunar Calendar but more money will be coming in later," the president of the Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Science said.

Choo said 2014 would be best for the Chinese zodiac sign of Goat, followed by Tiger and Dog.

Hong Kong popular feng shui master Peter So Man-fung reminded that the coming year would be an "accident year", especially in the fourth and tenth months of the lunar calendar.

"The Snakes, Monkeys, Pigs and Tigers must be extra careful while driving on the road or taking public transportations," he advised.

Here are the general forecast for the 12 zodiac signs by Choo:

Rat: You will have problems like minor health issues, getting summonses and minor accidents. Be extra careful when moving around. Lucky stars are around you to protect you, except for those born in 1960.

Ox: Oxen of 1961 and 1985 have plenty of lucky stars to help you sail through the year, but do control your expenses and temper. Staying calm is the best way to manage 2014.

Tiger: The focus is on your career and you will be given the opportunities to showcase your talent, do not expect to have immediate monetary rewards. Tigers of 1950 have to beware of your health.

Rabbit: The God of Prosperity embraces you this year but you have to manage it carefully. Rabbits of 1987 are the best. You will have an eventful personal life besides having money luck and a good career.

Dragon: Sit back and relax, except for Dragons of 1988, who will be busy with work. You will be learning a lot from new friends who will also give you plenty of support. Dragons of 1964, who are married, have to beware of "meeting the opposite sex" to avoid family problems.

Snake: You will be doing better than last year. Good money luck and opportunities for you to learn due to certain decisions.

Horse: It is not an easy year for you, so stay cool and in control. Do whatever you think is right. Those born in 1990 will meet the right people.

Goat: Do some planning in the first-half of the year and implement the plans in the second-half.

Monkey: First-half of the year is quite uneventful, but life will pick up in the second-half. You will have minor health issues but will be fine as you have lucky stars to protect you.

Rooster: Family and friends are your strong supporters. This is the year to make money.

Dog: Opportunities keep knocking on the door and these will help you elevate your career and financial situation. The 10th month of the lunar calendar is a dramatic period.

Pig: Your money luck is good but health will be an issue.

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