Jakarta toilet murder: Slain tycoon's pregnant widow is only 19

PHOTO: Facebook/Agnesya Kalangi

JAKARTA  - Local media sources have reported that murder victim Dodi Triono, 59, who died along with five others inside a small bathroom in Pulo Mas, East Jakarta, had recently married a young model, Agnesya Kalangi, 19, who was not at the house when the crime occurred.

A commissioner of the Indonesian Child Protection Commission (KPAI), Erlinda, said that Agnesya had come to visit one of Mr Dodi's children, Zanette Kalila Azaira, 13, at the hospital.

"She came here, the beautiful one, with long hair, fair skin," Erlinda said as quoted by kompas.com on Wednesday (Dec 28).

Erlinda said the widow came on Tuesday night and she was seven months' pregnant. She also claimed that Agnesya lived with Dodi and his three children in Pulomas.

6 dead in Jakarta after being piled into tiny toilet by intruders

  • Six people died and five others were injured possibly due to suffocation after they were locked up by intruders overnight in a 2m by 1m maid's toilet at a posh house in East Jakarta
  • The dead victims were the owner of the house, identified by police as 59-year-old Dodi Triyono; two girls believed to be his daughters, 16-year-old Diona Arika Andra Puti and nine-year-old Dianita Gemma Dzalfayla;
  • a friend of the girls identified as Amel, and two drivers of the family named as Yanto and Tasrok
  • Police did not disclose who the five surviving victims are, reports said.
  • Witnesses said the intruders arrived at Mr Dodi's house on Monday afternoon, and the victims were rescued and evacuated only at about 8am on Tuesday after a visiting friend of Mr Dodi's noticed the main door had been left open and heard voices crying for help.

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Dodi's neighbour, who requested anonymity, told tribunnews.com that Mr Dodi married Agnesya about a year ago in a religious ceremony but had not registered the marriage with the government's civil registry. Such marriage in Islam is called "siri".

The neighbour gave a different account from Erlinda, saying Agnesya lived in an apartment.

Mr Edi Saputra, Dodi's employee, said Mr Dodi had been married and divorced twice before marrying Agnesya.

He had three children from the first marriage and three from the second with Almyanda Saphira, mother of Diona Arika Andra Putri, 16, Zanette, and Dianita Gemma Dzalfayla, nine. Diona and Gemma died during the crime, while Zanette survived.

Mr Edi said Mr Dodi and second wife Almyanda divorced about three years ago.

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