Japan crown prince, princess attend coronation ceremony in Tonga

NUKUALOFA -Crown Prince Naruhito and Crown Princess Masako, who are visiting Tonga, attended the coronation of King Tupou VI of Tonga held at a church in its capital, Nukualofa, on Saturday. This is the first time in two years that Crown Princess Masako has engaged in official duties overseas.

In the morning, the royal couple arrived at the church in a limousine, arranged by the Tongan royal family, from the hotel where they had stayed overnight. Crown Prince Naruhito, clad in a morning suit, and Crown Princess Masako, wearing a long cream gown, entered the ceremony venue wearing ceremonial ornaments of Japan and Tonga.

The royal couple sat in the front row with Tongan royal family members at the venue, which was well attended, with political leaders of the Pacific region among the guests. At the moment the new king was crowned, the royal couple applauded.

After the ceremony, the couple attended a luncheon held at the royal palace. They enjoyed the meal with the Tongan royal family at the main table.

King Tupou VI acceded the throne in March 2012, upon the death of the former king, who was his elder brother.Speech