Japan sushi chain staff filmed throwing sliced fish into trash bin and then putting it back on cutting board

PHOTO: YouTube screengrabs

OSAKA - Part-time employees at a major sushi chain in Japan posted footage of themselves online in which they threw sliced fish in the garbage and then put it back on a cutting board, chain operator Kura Corp has said.

Kura Corp runs the conveyor-belt sushi chain nationwide. It said on Wednesday (Feb 6) that two part-time employees at its Kurasushi outlet in Moriguchi, Osaka Prefecture, uploaded a video in which one of them sliced fish, threw it in the garbage, and then put it back on a cutting board while another employee took the video.

The firm quoted the employees as saying that they disposed of the fish and did not serve it to customers. The video was deleted about three hours after it was posted, but the improper act was revealed on Monday after it was spotted by a customer.

"We deeply apologise for causing unease to our customers," the company said in a statement.