Japanese company uses armpit advertising to one-up competition

PHOTO: Wakino Ad Company official website

A company in Japan decided that the best way to get consumers to see ads would be to put them in women's armpits.

Called the Wakino Ad Company, it specializes in utilizing the untested armpits of women as advertising scaffold to promote its clients' products, according to a statement as reported by SoraNews24.

The word "waki" also happens to mean "armpit" in Japanese. It also sounds like the word "wacky," which is exactly what some may consider this marketing approach.

Photo: Wakino Ad Company official website

Despite the unorthodox marketing strategy, Wakino managed to land its first customer. Coincidentally, its first ad came from the beauty treatment and dermatology chain Seishin Biyo Clinic. One of the services offered by the clinic is a painless underarm hair removal procedure.

Wakino is still a relatively new company and it is looking for models for its ad campaigns. Those confident about flashing their blemish-free armpits may want to check it out for a career in modeling.