Japanese website has pretty race queens showing the time every minute

Bijin Tokei, or "Beautiful Woman Clock," works on a pretty simple concept.

This website displays a new race queen photo every minute of the day.

Every minute a new photo automatically comes up, and in each one a woman is holding up a signboard with the current time displayed.

Not surprisingly, a lot of people found Bijin Tokei's offer of a nonstop parade of models to be as attractive as the ladies themselves, and the site has since branched out to a number of more specialised versions, such as cute pets, handsome men, and even a whole clock's worth of photos of co-eds shot on the campus of prestigious Waseda University.

The website's newest venture is the Circuit Clock 2015, which takes the Bijn Tokei system and staffs it with nothing but race queens.

As each minute ticks by, the site will update with a new photo, with each race queen handling a couple of minutes before being replaced by someone new.

Next to each race queen, there's a brief profile that lists her name, birthday, birthplace. You'll also find her measurements and blood type, as well as a link to her personal blog, reported RocketNews24.

And finally, clicking on the links in the model's profile will bring up a photo gallery and extended profile with information on her hobbies, nickname, and affiliated talent agency and racing team.

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