Japan's ex-parliamentary secretary received $1.2 million in donation under disguised names

JAPAN - Political organisations of former parliamentary secretary Kenko Matsuki received about ¥100 million (S$1.2 million) of political donation disguised as legitimate funds under false names, it has been learned. The money originated from his relative's company.

The donation may be a violation of the Political Funds Control Law. The Sapporo Regional Taxation Bureau was investigating the case since January last year.

The company in question is Hokkaido Tsushinsha (Dotsu-Net) group, which is run by Matsuki's 84-year-old father as president, while Matsuki himself is vice president.

The Sapporo-based company, which issues construction and education-related dailies, donated the money to Matsuki's three political organisations over the course of six years up to 2011, according to sources.

Under the scheme used by the group, it regained part of the salaries initially paid to its executives. Matsuki's father then pooled the cash in three bank accounts opened in his name, the sources said.

The company donated the pooled money to Matsuki's political bodies under about 20 different names.

Asked about the allegation, Matsuki said: "The president was in charge [of the donation], and I wasn't aware of it. Though if it violates the law, I'm responsible for it."