Judge, police officer arrested for consuming meth

PHOTO: Reuters

Police in the West Sumatra capital of Padang have arrested an administrative court judge and a police officer for allegedly consuming crystal methamphetamine at a hotel in the city.

"We arrested them at a hotel in the Purus area, West Padang, on Thursday night," said the head of the narcotics unit of the Padang Police Comr. Daeng Rahman on Friday as quoted by Tempo.co.

The arrest of the judge identified only as YT and, the police officer, identified only as AK, was initiated following a tip-off by a local resident who said the hotel was frequently used as a place for narcotics transactions and drug parties.

The police arrested the two after they attempted to escape when the hotel was being raided. The police seized two packages of crystal methamphetamine, Rp 1.5 million (S$150)

The two suspects were detained at the Padang Police office. They have been charged with violating the Narcotics Law and face a maximum sentence, if convicted, of 20 years' imprisonment, according to Daeng.