KFC's Gong Yoo look-alike has found his bride

PHOTO: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Asia News Network

When KFC Philippines realised they had a Kim Shin look-alike on their staff, they couldn't help but have a little fun.

In the hit Korean drama "Guardian: The Lonely and Great God" (more popularly known as "Goblin"), Kim Shin (played by actor Goon Yo) is a goblin who is searching for his human bride, the only one who can release him from the curse of immortality.

He may have found it in Jin Eun-tak (played by Kim Go-eun), a strong and eternally optimistic high school student with the ability to see ghosts.

KFC thought their Kim Shin needed to find his own bride too and so they launched a search online.

Photo: KFC Philippines 

"Are you the look-alike bride of our look-alike Goblin?" they asked on Facebook, promising to give KFC gift certificates worth P5000 to Eun-tak's doppelganger.

The post was shared over 40,000 times and entries poured in.

"I'm the original Goblin's wife," one aspirant declared.

"I can see the sword," claimed another.

One girl promised to cut her hair like Eun-tak's if she won.

Others posted photos of friends and relatives they thought could win.

"Sorry oppa, binebenta ko bride mo sa iba para sa libreng bucket meal namin hahahahaha," one Facebook user wrote in the comments, apologising to his friend for posting a photo of his buddy's fiancee.

But the search is over. KFC's Goblin has found his bride-and no, he didn't have to wait for over 900 years.

"Congrats Yuka!" KFC posted the announcement, saying they had chosen the winner from hundreds of entries.

Yuka Oikawa is a Filipina-Japanese Psychology graduate from New Era University.

"I finished college last April and I'm still looking for a job po," she told Inquirer.

The pretty 21-year-old said she's "definitely a fan of Goblin" and she loves all the show's characters "especially Kim Shin and Wang Yeo."

"Siguro what I love about Goblin ay yung papatawanin ka, papakiligin and papaiyakin," she said in our interview.

Since the show became popular, her friends and her mom's friends have been telling her that she's a Eun-tak look-alike.

And when they found out about the KFC contest, they started tagging her and posting her pictures.

They convinced her to post an entry too and she did, with the caption "For the love of KFC gravy."

"It's actually just for fun and sabi naman nila wala daw pong mawawala if mag post ako ng picture ko, so ayun po. I never expected na mananalo po ako," she said.

And how does she feel about winning? "Of course, happy po and shookt. Really unexpected po."

She plans to use her KFC gift certificates to treat her family and close friends.

Her KFC favorites? Fries, fun shots and gravy.

And no, unlike Eun-tak, Yuka cannot see ghosts.

"Ayoko po makakita," she told Inquirer.

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