Kids destroy glass sculpture in China museum

Two children were on a warpath of destruction at a museum in China, destroying a glass sculpture while their adult minders stood by.

What's worse is that two adults filmed the children wrecking the fragile artwork without bothering to intervene. 

According to the Huffington Post, the incident allegedly took place at the Shanghai Museum of Glass, and involved a pair of glass wings entitled 'Angel Is Waiting' by artist Shelly Xue. 

Video footage shows the children inside the roped-off boundary protecting the artwork, pulling at the piece. One of the women even steps forward as if to get a better angle for her video. 

The adults only intervene when one of the children nearly pulls the wing from its installation. In the video, a woman's hand can be seen yanking the child away. The artwork pings against the wall, resulting in a portion of it falling and shattering on the ground.

In a very cool, rising-above-broken-glass move, Metro reported that Ms Xue decided to leave the piece as it was, choosing to retitle it to 'Broken'. 

The report further stated that it had taken her more than two years to produce the "priceless" piece, which was dedicated to her infant daughter.

The Huffington Post also reported that the museum has installed footage of the incident beside the sculpture as deterrence.