Kim Jong-un has a "little red book" of quotes for sale

Earlier this month, it was revealed that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is actually a fan of football club Manchester United.

And now, yet another intriguing nugget about the head of the reclusive North Korean state has been brought to light.

Kim has actually published a book.

That's right, the leader has a "little red book" of quotes.

According to, Japanese news agency FNN News managed to get a hold of one of these books.

In fact, the book has even been translated into Japanese and is said to be a way to entice Japanese tourists to come visit - never mind about the two missiles that flew over Japan recently.

Screenshot: Twitter/huruya2100

However, it's only for sale in Pyongyang and costs 500 yen (S$6).

Luckily for the world wide web, a Twitter user uploaded a picture of the book, which resembles a thin notebook and bears the title "Kim Jong-un Wise Sayings".

The number "1" written right below the title could indicate it's the first of a series.

The book is reportedly divided into different topics - including politics (of course), military and citizens - as well as a total of 431 quotes, said RocketNews24.

One example of Kim's quotes, reproduced by RocketNews24, is:

"Time is on our side, and justice is on our side, so we will surely be victorious."

And another one:

"You should have your citizens sit upon a golden cushion."

It's safe to say that some Japanese netizens weren't too fond of these quotes.

One left a comment on Japanese news site Golden Times saying: "It might be fun as a story book."

Another was more blunt and added: "Does anyone have any idea what he's talking about?"

Better explanations for next time, maybe? After all, there might be more to come.