Korean Air wins top operational award for A380

Korean Air has been selected as the best A380 operator by the aircraft's manufacturer Airbus.

This is the second time that the airline is receiving the A380 'Top Operational Excellence' award at the Airbus Technical Symposium, which was held in Bangkok on Nov 19, 2014.

Airbus Technical Symposiums are held every two years for each aircraft type and the 'Top Operational Excellence' awards are considered the most prestigious for operators of Airbus aircraft. The winners are determined by a thorough evaluation of the overall performance of the shortlisted airlines, including the operational reliability (also known as on-time operation rate) and aircraft utilisation.

Korean Air acquired its first A380 in June 2011 and was the first airline in Korea to operate the aircraft. So far, the airline has recorded an operational reliability of 99.7 per cent - meaning only 0.3 per cent of flights were delayed or cancelled between Oct 2012 and Sept 2014, according to information released by the airline.

The operational reliability index measures accuracy of flight operations due to delays or defects, by the calculation of flights operated within 15 minutes from the scheduled time of departure. A higher measurement verifies the better operating capability of the airline and reflects the priority given to maintenance and safety management.

Configured in a three class layout with just 407 seats - the lowest configuration of any A380 operator so far - Korean Air's double-decker A380s feature unique amenities with 12 First Class Kosmo Suites and 301 Economy Class seats on the lower deck and 94 fully-flat Prestige Sleeper seats in Prestige Class (business class) on the upper deck.

Korean Air now operates a total of 155 aircraft including 10 A380s on the long-haul flights including New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta and Paris.