Korean woman probed for pouring boiling ramen over friend

PHOTO: The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

A woman in her 20s, surnamed Kim, poured ramen from a boiling pot on her roommate, surnamed Koo, and threatened her with a weapon on Oct. 24, local media outlets reported Friday.

After pouring the boiling contents onto Koo, Kim had threatened the victim with a weapon for an hour, containing her in the house, when the victim was suffering from burns on her face and arms.

Witnesses said that Koo was able to ask for help from her downstairs' neighbour.

The neighbour immediately called the ambulance and Koo was taken to the emergency room for severe burn treatment. Koo will need treatment for her burns for a year.

Photo: The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

Kim told police that the assault was essentially due to her discovery of Koo's malicious comments on social media concerning herself to acquaintances.

The police, however, decided to close the case, saying that Kim and Koo were both at fault for assault.

They did not detain Kim but only urged the two to reconcile with each other. Police said that they reached this conclusion due to the victim being "unable to speak."

Online commenters expressed their anger and disbelief with regards to the inadequacy and unprofessionalism of the police.

Following the online debate on the outcome of the case, it is reported that the police now have filed an arrest warrant for Kim for causing serious injury and forcible containment to her roommate.

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