Korean YouTuber finds body while livestreaming at abandoned hospital

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PHOTO: Pixabay

A YouTuber found a corpse over the weekend while streaming a show at an abandoned hospital in Gwangju.

According to Gwangju Police on Monday, the 30-year-old YouTuber surnamed Park entered the hospital at midnight Saturday as part of his show about exploring abandoned places.

Although the hospital is fenced off, as it was shut down 10 years ago, Park sneaked into the premises and was exploring the place when he discovered the body on the floor in a ward.

The dead man in his 60s was dressed just in underwear. Bedding and clothes, likely to have been used by the man, were found in the room as well. Police believe the homeless man died in November 2018.

Police have requested an autopsy by the National Forensic Service to find out the exact cause of the man's death. As the first autopsy found no signs of foul play, police said the man likely died after a long period of living on the street as a homeless person.

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