Koreans return home as 10-day holiday comes to a close

Putting behind the 10-day holiday, South Koreans are flocking back to the capital city of Seoul on Monday from their respite at provincial hometowns and overseas vacation spots.

The extended holiday, which started on Sept. 30, is set to end on Monday. Workers and students return to workplaces and schools on Tuesday.

Seoul Station and Yongsan Station, the main train stations linking the capital city with local areas, are busy with foot traffic of people returning to Seoul, Monday.

A record number of passengers were tallied to be arriving at Incheon International Airport throughout the weekend. Authorities said more than 116,000 passengers used the airport Sunday.

The long holiday includes two weekends conjoined by National Foundation Day, the three-day Chuseok holidays, a state-designated temporary holiday and Hangeul Proclamation Day.