Kuomintang chairman encourages harmony as party honchos unite

TAIPEI, Taiwan - To commemorate the first day of work after the Chinese New Year holiday, the Kuomintang (KMT) legislative caucus held a spring celebration yesterday where party Chairman Eric Chu preached goals of unity and harmony for the KMT.

Chu said that despite the hardships the KMT suffered through over the past year, he believes that many issues can be solved when the party functions as a "harmonious family."

Sharing The Stage

President Ma Ying-jeou, Vice President Wu Den-yih, Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang Jin-pyng and Premier Mao Chi-kuo were present at the celebration to wish party members a prosperous new year in a rare side-by-side appearance.

Making their rounds, Ma, Wu, Wang and Chu toasted those in attendance.

The KMT needs to work even harder in the new year to gain the support of citizens so the party can contribute to Taiwan's future, Chu said.

Using the year of the goat as an analogy, Chu said that goats favour unification and that the KMT can learn from the animal's amicable group behaviour.

With peace and party coherence, young citizens and old comrades will be able to once again get to know the KMT, Chu said.

Team Work

Chu said his hope for a harmonious family is not restricted to only within the KMT.

To put the best interests of Taiwan and its citizens first, the central government as well as the Legislative Yuan need to unite, Chu said.

What is even more important is the discourse and collaboration with opposition parties that will allow Taiwan to reach new milestones, Chu said.

Voice Of The People

With one year left in office, Legislative Yuan Speaker Wang said he believes the party will be able to win back the trust of the people.

Wang said that he hopes lawmakers lend an ear to the voice of the people and make public opinion their priority.

Speaking at the spring festival bash, President Ma said that despite his resignation as party chairman last year, he has been a KMT member for 47 years and still supports the party's core philosophy.

Ma also expressed his support for Chu in the party chairman role.

Having only been sworn into the position less than a month ago, Ma said Chu's leadership has invigorated the party, helping it keep legislator seats in Miaoli and Nantou after by-elections.

Presidential Candidacy

Prior to the KMT spring festivities, Chu attended another new year celebration in his role as New Taipei City Mayor yesterday where he was asked by media about KMT's presidential nominations.

When asked about Legislative Speaker Wang as a candidate, Chu said that the KMT has many qualified veterans and young members who are passionate about serving the country.

Whether they would like to campaign for the presidency or run for the Legislature, all are welcom, said Chu.