Kuomintang chairman has no intention to run for VP: Hung

The pundit recently stated that an important political figure had informed Clara Chou that President Ma Ying-jeou's campaign staff accepted money in campaign funds from Ting Hsin.

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Deputy Legislative Speaker Hung Hsiu-chu yesterday said that Kuomintang (KMT) Chairman Eric Chu has no intention of joining her as running mate in next year's presidential election.

On Sunday, Hung, who recently exceeded the KMT's opinion poll requirements to achieve an average of 46.2 per cent approval rating, met with Chu to come to three understandings following an announcement that the KMT would fully support hung's election.

The three consensuses include providing Hung with the full support of the KMT's think tank, the establishment and integration of Hung's election campaign staff, as well as providing her campaign team with an office within the headquarters of the KMT.

During a press conference at the Legislative Yuan yesterday, local press asked Hung whether the possibility of recruiting Chu as her vice-presidential running partner came up during the meeting on Sunday.

The deputy speaker initially said "Basically, the chairman has no such intentions," and went on to reveal that she had casually asked Chu to run with her when the two were discussing other matters.

In response, the chairman reportedly asked Hung to stop joking before returning to their discussion.

Hung later said the possibility of asking Chu is still open, and that the chairman is also helping her look for a suitable running mate.

Although Hung later said that it is still early to talk about a potential vice-presidential candidate, the deputy speaker nevertheless went on to elaborate on her criteria in looking for an election partner, stating that the person just needs to be a good candidate without having to be a KMT party member or a northerner.

Reportedly, analysts within the party have concluded that Hung's support in central and southern parts of the country is higher than expected.

KMT Tainan City Councilor Hsieh Lung-chieh agreed with the analysis, stating that citizens from the south like the kind of straightforward and loyal personality Hung has.

Hung Calls on Famous Former Student for Support

In related news, Hung called out to her former student and popular local comedian Hsu Hsiao-shun yesterday to help with her campaign. Hsu had first addressed the former student-teacher relationship with Hung, stating that he had called his former middle school teacher names behind her back as a result of her strictness during his childhood.

However, the comedian said that although he will not reveal whether he will vote for his former teacher or not, he is willing to advocate her campaign for free.

In response, Hung welcomed him onto her staff to help her with the upcoming election.